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(Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined).
(Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined).
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Work With Us

Our 2022 freelance positions are currently full!

Are you a freelancer writer or still photographer based in the PNW, interested in contributing to We'd be delighted to have you!

We are always looking for more voices to tell the stories of the region. Our open pitch process is just that: wide open to anyone, and simple...just pitch!

Shoot an email to with:

  • A little about you
  • Examples of past work
  • Interested in pitching your own projects/ideas, or being assigned stories? Or both?
  • Story ideas/pitches

Many freelancers like to pitch us their own ideas, some like to be assigned stories, and some - both. Please be clear in your email which you're interested in. Please also take some time to look around the website to see the kinds of features, profiles and subjects we cover.

When pitching, here are a couple tips:


We tend to write in a more conversational/bloggy tone, and stick to the lifestyle/entertainment genre (leave the hard news to KOMO!) The usual post length we aim for is between 500-1,000 words depending on subject matter. We are not sticklers for word count, i.e. if there isn't more story there to tell, please don't add in extraneous words to meet a word count! Similarly, if you think a subject is worth more than 1,000 words - we are happy to adapt.

We always ask that writers submit a minimum of 4 photos along with their post (more is always better, but four is the minimum). These don't need to be photos you have explicitly taken yourself, though they can be - they just need to be pictures you have received explicit permission to use from whoever owns them. More info on our photo permissions guidelines will be sent once we start working together.

Once pitches and angles have been approved, you will work with the editor on rate, timing and submission. Written stories are usually between $100-$175, with rate determined based on word count, # of interviews, complexity/depth of subject matter, etc.

Still Photographers

Photo galleries are a huge part of Think of these as essentially photo essays - of anything from event coverage, to restaurant/menu profiles, to scenes of nature, and more.

Gallery requirements change up depending on subject, but we usually look for between 20-60 pictures per gallery. Please take a look around the website for galleries to get an idea, but we are also always open to new ideas, and can be flexible.

Similarly to writers, we have worked with still photogs before who prefer to solely pitch us gallery ideas, or ones who prefer to be assigned out stories - or both. When reaching out, please let us know which you'd fall into.

Once pitches have been approved, or assignments confirmed, you will work with the editor on rate, timing and submissions. Depending on the shoot, time, travel, # of pics, etc. we usually pay $100 - $200 per assignment. For longer shoots when it gets to be more than 4 hours, we usually go into a higher day rate, and we can discuss those when/if applicable.

We are excited to work with you!