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Image: Rossario George
Image: Rossario George
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The soaring success of Seattle luxury brand Rossario George

Tony Vincente, CEO and Designer for locally-owned Rossario George, is unforgettable, both as a person and as a designer. In a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, Vincente stands out for his true embodiment of creativity, passion, and the pursuit of artistic expression. He describes himself as "normal, but with a twist," and we couldn't love that description more.

Vincente has always had a love for fashion and art. "My journey really began when I started painting in 2016," said Vincente. "I created and started selling my art pieces online, and it caught the attention of Shop Vida, who reached out to me to see if I would like to design garments for them. I became a top seller, and it inspired me to start Rossario George."

Fast forward to today, and now Rossario George is a well-known luxury brand with exciting news on the horizon, debuting a new collection called "Take Off" that encompasses luxury travel with accessories and fashion all in one.

"Our brand refresh is an exciting milestone for us and comes as the result of my unquenchable thirst to see the world. I guess it can't be helped living in the jet city of Seattle."

See the collection for yourself at The Museum of Flight's "Fashion in Flight" event on Saturday, Sept. 30. Get tickets here. In addition to the fashion show, there will be a DJ, designer booths, and red-carpet photo ops, of course!

Rossario George is a brand that strives to be inclusive, "There’s something for everyone looking to feel their best as they travel across our glorious world."

And the story behind the brand name is just too sweet not to share. "Rossario George is an ode to my partner's stylish father, who left this earth way too soon. He was a snazzy dresser!" said Vincente. "My main inspiration behind the brand comes from my partner of 20 plus years and our two fur babies. Everything I do, and every accomplishment achieved, is for them."

"I love life, love, and people."

Vincente's zest for life, love, and people permeates every facet of his work. Even though Vincente is in the thick of debuting his new luxury travel-inspired collection, which will take center stage with a solo show at Milan Fashion Week in 2024, he's already thinking about what's next. "Next year is the debut of our next big collection called "Ghost Trains." The campaign and collection are going to be groundbreaking! Best of all, it leads into our solo show at Milan Fashion Week."

Vincente's journey from art to luxury fashion exemplifies the transformative power of passion and creativity. Rossario George isn't just a brand; it's a manifestation of his love for life and his desire to leave an enduring legacy. As the "Take Off" collection prepares to take flight, it's clear that Vincente's artistry will continue to captivate and inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Learn more about Rossario George here.

Kate Neidigh is a freelance lifestyle writer for Seattle Refined. See more of her work on Instagram here.